Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lord is the Builder of Everything

Opening Day! AFCers, helpers, students and
children stand around the new playground.

Well HOWDY!!

The first and largest leg of our mission trip has now concluded with the completion of the Kranuan Church of Christ playground. Our goal was that the church could use it as a ministry tool after we left, but the construction process became a ministry tool in itself.  One day two little girls from the neighborhood stopped at the church to observe and talk to us; they ended up returning every day after and then also attended their first church service with us! It was an interesting experience with them- on site they were able to lend a hand with some tasks, yet there were some instances of mischief including (but not limited to) a mysterious mishap with some blue paint and my camera’s memory card getting wiped. However, even the mishaps could not touch the indescribable joy of showing love and knowing God could be planting seeds in their lives through the influence of the church and us. We also invited our students from the Kranuan Community School to attend the playground’s grand opening on Sunday. I estimate that close to 70 students showed up with the majority attending church and several wanting to know more about the Gospel! WHOOP

In addition to all that, building the playground was a very meaningful personal experience for me. The first reason for this is that I love to work with my hands; with my agriculture background, tasks such as digging, setting posts, drilling, hammering, painting, etc. are all familiar to me and I find them “pleasant as well as challenging.”1 The second reason for this is the association with my late father, who was a custom home builder and contractor. Everything I know and love about building comes from my time spent with him at the ranch and on the job site; I love the fact that, by extension, God is still using the influence of my dad’s life to do His work. I could feel Dad there through every stage of the process and know that he would be proud.

So, while we were building the playground, God was building both His kingdom and the hearts of His workers. How great it the Lord!

For every playground² is built by someone, but the Lord is the builder of everything.
-Hebrews 3:4

Gig ‘Em & God Bless,

Darcy Rae Jacoby

1From the second paragraph of the FFA Creed

²The bible actually says “house” instead of “playground”


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  2. What a fantastic job!! This project has exceeded even my own expectations in every way. Way to go team and to God be the glory!!

  3. Well that one choked me up Darcy! Wow. I love to hear all the ways God works. He is SO good.

    You all are doing a fabulous job! Just thought you should know that AFC is praying for you from all sides of the planet. :)
    Paige R.