Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Payap Christian Zone!!

We have been enjoying these past few days in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Payap Christian Zone where they minister to college students that attend Payap Univeristy. Yesterday we were able to go on a mini trip with the college students of the church here to a house boat on a beautiful lake in Sri Lanna National Park. None of us knew what to picture when we were told we were going to a house boat, but when we arrived to this house boat it was an incredible string of houses floating in the middle of the lake.  We as a team enjoyed this adventure so much not because we had never been on a house boat or that the scenery was beautiful, but the 7 Thai college students that we were fortunate to go on this adventure with were so much fun, and opened our eyes to how college students live as Christians in Thailand. After a day of swimming, games, singing, devotional, and an incredible dinner we came back to the Payap Christian Zone to get some rest for church the next day.  We have been to Sunday worship many times on this journey, but this Sunday worship with the church in Payap was such a blessing because the church was celebrating 8 years since the church began.  We were able to join in their celebration by being able to watch a video showing all of the people’s lives that have been touched by this church from 2004 until 2012, and while watching this video we all were able to see familiar faces on the screen of people we love that have gone before us, and put so much love in this ministry in Payap as interns and apprentices. For me watching this video was so touching to see all of the lives that have been changed through this incredible ministry in Payap, and how God has richly blessed this ministry with the people he has placed here.  Even though we have only been in Payap for such a short time I have really enjoyed my time here from the house boat to just riding in the truck singing at the top of our lungs to play that funky music white boy, and even though we leave tomorrow I am leaving with tons of laughs and memories. I will always remember the church in Payap that is so similar to A&M Church of Christ by showing incredible love to college students, and through this love God’s glory shines mightily changing so many lives over these past 8 years and I pray for 8 more years of changed lives, and new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Signing off from Chiang Mai,

Lindsey Hawkins 

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