Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ok, so we are going on our 3rd week in Thailand and have been in Kranaun, Thailand the past 2 weeks! The playground is almost finished (with the whole team and some of the church members putting 40 hours in the playground last week alone!) Although, it has been extremely exhausting teaching English in the mornings and working on the playground in the afternoon, the reward has been and will continue to be worth every nail and stroke of paint! Already, some of the kids at the school have told us they want to come to church with us on Sunday, which is HUGE because the school is a Buddhist school. God is so at work and it has been awesome to see it first hand. I hope you know whether you have supported us financially get here or through prayer God has used your words to help us physically and emotionally. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an awesome team of hard workers and to be a part of a group of Thai Christians. We came thinking we were going to serve them, when the whole time they have done nothing but take care of us hand and foot. One of the ministers even washed our hands and feet to a few of the Aggies who had oil- based paint stuck on us! In the morning, I will be going to Khon Khen, Thailand about an hour away to watch a 7th grader give a speech in English at a local competition. We worked on it for a long time today and I feel very confident in his English skills that he will do just fine! There are about 30 others in the competition and 5 judges. From my understanding the student or the school does not receive any money for the reward, but pride and school recognition. It is crazy to me how hard the Thai people work when the reward is so different from the American culture. We are trying to keep you all updated as much as possible with pictures and stories, feel free to check out more photos on our Facebook page from group members as well!!!

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