Friday, July 6, 2012

Bangkok Day 2

Bangkok is a massive city filled with huge tall buildings with millions of people, but in this huge city we were fortunate to meet a family that has nothing, but gave us everything. This family lives in a parking lot where a bunch of people have built small homes out of extra pieces of scrap metal. We spent time in their home last night having a devotional, and fellowship. Even though we were exhausted with jet lag I was able to see Jesus in these people, and experience the love of Christ in a new way. Nassau the owner of this small home is a sweet Christian lady that welcomed us with open arms into her home, and made us an awesome Thai dinner. This devotional and fellowship was different for me not because we were singing songs in Thai, but because I was able to see a family that loves and trusts God with their whole hearts when they have nothing. Seeing how welcoming this family is was eye opening, and it has taught me that you don’t have to have the perfect house or a huge church to have fellowship with your Christian family. I thank Nassau and her family for showing all of us that you can have nothing in this world, and give people the most important thing Christ’s love. In a city filled with millions of people and tons of opportunities we as a team were able to experience Christ’s love in a small home built with extra pieces of scrap metal. Tonight we leave Bangkok and head to Kranuan to build a playground and teach English we are so thankful for your prayers, and continue to ask for prayers as we continue this journey in Thailand.
Signing off from Bangkok, Gig em and God Bless,

Lindsey Hawkins

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