Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kranuan Pictures- Week 1 & 2

There are many fun things to do in Kranuan!

Playing Skip-Bo with the church youth.

Planting rice at Khun Prakong's farm.

Hitting up an evening market for dinner.

Playing soccer at a community program with
some Kranuan boys.
Eating Thai food, Thai style!

Fishing in a pond on our day off.

Holding adorable children!


Time to teach!

Ready for our fist day to teach English!

Children at the Kranuan Community School

Jamie and Jenica's 1st grade class

Ben and Morrell's class - "HELLO!!!"

Darcy plays a game with her class to teach
commandsand actions.

The students loved getting pictures taken with us!

Dirt, Sweat and Paint!

Put your back into it!
First stage completed- digging post holes!

All the posts are set!


The playground takes
shape with three platforms.

Painted tires have a lot of creative potential!

Soon to be completed!

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