Thursday, June 14, 2012

It has begun!

Hello Team (and world),
     This is Ben.  I am in Bangkok, Thailand stopping by the 10 million person city on my way to a 36 million person city, Tokyo.  The flight is nice, but long.... maybe about 22 hours of flying.  I think I have uncovered the secret to hitting the ground running and getting over jetlag while still on the plane.  I will post tomorrow to tell you if I truly am healed, but this is what I did.   On the 10 hour flight to Moscow: slept 6 hours.  On the 10 hour flight from Moscow to Singapore: sleep 5 hours.  Don't sleep after that and then make sure to stay up all day when you get here. Its 11:54 pm right now, and I can say that I'm truly tired, which means I might be on track to get over jetlag tomorrow.  Anyways, I don't have any pics to post, so I will leave you with this to chew on;  I felt truly served today by the church members in Bangkok.  They were right there when I got off the plane and helped me stay awake all day by keeping me entertained.  They helped me get my lost bag back, took me to a mega mall for dinner and a movie, and got a massage with me. (ok... that one might not have been that hard)  I want us to strive to have that kind of servant heart when we get here.   We should strive to out serve everyone we meet, although it will be very hard with such gracious hosts.  See you all in Bangkok.  


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